Sunday, April 1, 2012

Etsy Geek Girl's Shop Awesomeness Featurette 4/1

It's Sunday,April 1st...time for our weekly featurette on the lovely 'Geek Girls of Etsy' team members.
Up today is Nicoinstitches!
Here is a bit from Nicole's bio:
I love to cross-stitch as a hobby. I do all kinds of designs, but am partial to cats, Nintendo and Tigger. All items are sent via Canada Post to ensure the lowest price possible. I am also a library attendant and military wife.

She also makes some of the most adorable cross-stitch I have ever seen:)
Here is a peek at some of her work:

Kitten cross-stitch 'Hang in There'

I love wolves!
Wolf cross-stitch

The geek is me "squeee" ed at this one!
Action Nintendo Chomp flower - FREE SHIPPING

This one is absolutely amazing!!!
Framed ballerina cross stitch

She has a sizable sale section in her shop, and a 10% off coupon running right now!
Check her shop out here:
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