Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Morning Blogging with a Spotlight Feature on LivingDeadGirlNicole!

Vacation...nothing relaxes the mind quite like it. I have to say, of all my seasonal times off from the day job, I love my fall one the best. The sights, the colors, the aromas (pumpkin EVERYTHING) the cooler is just the best.
 Plus, it is nice wind down from an extremely busy month round here. October (followed closely by June) is THE BIRTHDAY MONTH around here. Hard to believe my kiddo had his 12th birthday just last week. Since it fell on a school day this year, we had the traditional family celebration that night complete with 'Pokemon' cake.

This year his celebration choice for the following was to attend a local Renaissance Faire ,so that is what we did. Fun times and revelry were had by all (in addition to empty pockets experienced by parents. But it was worth it.)

On to today's Spotlight Feature!
Keeping in the spirit of the Halloween season, today's spotlight is on the awesome and eerie work of
Here is a little bit about Nicole's artwork in her own words from her Etsy bio:
I find beauty in all things dark, spooky or mythical. Aspects of that are reflected not only in my style but also in my art work. When other little girls wanted to be ballerinas I wanted to be Elvira.... I still do! I'm the type of girl that if Zombies attack I want to join em not fight em. Some of my favorite things are horror movies, bats, Halloween, themed costume parties, Renaissance Faires, Muppets, Tattoos, rock music, fairy and fantasy art, Universal Monsters and The Munsters. I like to draw, paint, scrapbook, craft and do anything that gets my creative blood flowing.

One of the first things in Nicole's shop that caught my eye is that she is a talented artist. I love this portrait of Katherine Isabelle in 'Ginger Snaps'.

Love the colors in this 'Day of the Dead' barrette

Batty Burlesque!

Goblets made perfect for a Gothic-styled wedding

You can see more of Nicole's work on her own website:
and on her Etsy site:
Have spooky good time!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

100th Post and a Spotlight on Kayla Conspiracy

In truth,I should have hit my 100th post a looooooong time ago,but hey, we finally made it!

 The last few weeks have been busy with the start of the new school year between my own classroom (I teach preschool)and my son beginning middle school and starting at a new school. Our second floor tenant moved out, leaving an apartment that needed a whole renovation before it could be rentable again.I will spare you those horror show pics.

Then,because it wasn't chaotic enough,I had shingles flare up on my face. I had always heard you could only get shingles once (my 1st episode was in July and on my side), but apparently that is NOT TRUE.I have been documenting the whole episode on my phone (the doctor loved this idea,so she could see the progression). It's been two weeks since the initial rash and it is finally starting to scab and clear,but the itch and burning discomfort remain. Maybe I will do a whole post on it someday,complete with my "Walking Dead' extra face shots,lol.

So, with a bit of sick time on my hands I have been working on few things I have been wanting to learn, such as digital drawing. Way back when I was in college, digital drawing was in it's beginning stages.Heck, the whole internet was in it's beginning stages! So, needless to say, I am a bit behind on things. I don't have the time or resources to take classes right now,but I am still a determined student. I finally found styluses I feel comfortable drawing on my Ipad with. My tools of choice are a Bamboo stylus, Nomadbrush Flex,and my favorite,the Jot Pro. I find the Jot mimics the feel of real drawing tool in my hand the best,and I love the fine point. All three work great,though.
here are some links for you interested in looking into them
Nomad Brush Flex
 The Jot Pro
Wacom Bamboo Stylus
here is a pic I did of my kiddo of when he was a baby,using the Jot Pro and the Pen and Ink app on Ipad

Not too bad for a beginner. I love a new hobby.

Next up, let's get to our spotlight feature! Today we are turning the spotlight on The Kayla Conspiracy
Kayla makes some pretty awesome geek inspired chic fashions. Here's a bit about Kayla from her bio:

Kayla Conspiracy Clothing & Accessories is a mother/daughter operation specializing in geeky and novelty fashion and jewelry.

From Avengers dresses to Harry Potter jewelry, we've got something for you!
We also are happy to do custom orders so if you need something in a different size, don't hesitate to ask!

I am loving this Shield Inspired Skirt

Pretty superhero inspired combs with bows

and I LOVE these superhero styled overskirts

Kayla Conspiracy can be found on their Etsy shop Tumblr and Facebook
Be sure to check them out!!!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Summer Nights,Summer Skies...

I have been having a lot of fun experimenting with photography lately. I really love messing around with different apps,tints, exposures and colors. The following pictures in the collages were taken in New Bedford on an amazing full moon night,using my Sony Experia Ion phone, and edited using Pixlr Express,Aviary,Instagram and Photo Grid.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer Skies series...

Been playing with my camera and apps this summer...photographing from the same area and using photoshopping apps to play around with colors. Some pretty cool effects. 
Here are a few of the last ones I have taken.
We live in a beautiful world:)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Boston Comic Con --These Are Good Times To Be A Geek...

Boston Comic Con 2013 finally took place this weekend,after the marathon bombing in Boston resulted in a postponement of four months while a new date was decided on and a new venue was secured. The Con moved from the Hynes Convention Center to the the lovely seaside Seaport World Trade Center,drawing in an estimated 15,000 people. Judging from the lines we observed wrapping around the center when we arrived, I'd believe those numbers and would guess there was possibly even more than that. The Con has coming a long ways from it's initial launch in 2007, with only 900 or so attendees.

What has changed since those early con years? The media is focused on comics these days. Epic shows like 'The Walking Dead' are based on comics. Your hot movies of the summer? Last year's blockbuster was 'The Avengers',a movie comic buffs have been waiting on for years.(I know I had been waiting for an 'Avengers' feature since I was a kiddo of nine--that is a few years ago,lol). And show like 'The Big Bang Theory' show hey, it's o.k. to be a geek!

So on Saturday myself and my two fellow bff geek moms packed our three boys in to the mini-van and off we went. Yes, you read that right. It was the moms leading this outing. We were possibly more excited about it than the boys. Terry Moore of 'Strangers In Paradise' was going to be there! And George Perez! It was George Perez's work that began my lifelong obsession with comics. I was 9. I read my younger brother's copy of 'Avengers' 160. That art! And there were girl  superheroes! Who was this 'Scarlet Witch'?? She was so cool. And that little panel where the Beast is reminiscing about another team and another time, and there is a small 'X-Men' picture...well, that began a whole new obsession.

I didn't get to actually meet George Perez,unfortunately, due to time constraints and a really long line at the time, but I did get to see him doing awesome sketches for folks in the line.The one I saw was a'Wolverine' head shot (hey, doesn't he have a movie out now???), I believe. That made it all the worthwhile.

I did get to meet one of my favorite writers,Steve Niles. Now there is a writer who can write stories that quiet frankly make me sleep with the lights on. I felt like a complete blithering fangirl, and apologized profusely but he was so cool. That was okay, because this was what this whole weekend was all about, he said. You know what? He is right. One of the things I like best about Boston Comic Con is it is about the fans.

Steve's table mate was none other than Terry Moore. We had the pleasure of meeting Terry at a previous Boston Comic Con, and he is always easy to talk to and VERY funny. 'Rachel Rising' is one of my favorite books right now,and if you aren't reading it, well,why not???? It was recently optioned for television and I wouldn't be suprised if it became the next hit like 'The Walking Dead'. It is scary, creepy and gorgeous all at the same time. Try it. You won't be disappointed.
You can tell how excited Deb is my the 'Italian Handwaving' in the picture with him.

Another artist/writer we were thrilled to see again was Colleen Doran of  'A Distant Soil' fame.
Deb and I had previously met her in our  'wild and kid-free days' back in the late 90's when we traveled to the 'Small Press Expo' in Maryland (yes, you read that right,too. Two geek-girl-comic- fan adventurers travelling to far way Cons. Oh, the days of our wild and crazy youth!) Colleen was as lovely and sweet as ever, telling us about the new gorgeous remastered version of 'A Distant Soil', and that it is ending at issue 50! Another 'must try' book, people~you won't be disappointed.

I could go on and on, there was SO much there to talk about and experience.  Amazing cosplayers doing their thing,artists creating, fans well, having fun. Instead, I will leave you some with pictures from the day--as I begin looking foward to next year's Boston Comic Con.

These are good times to be a 'geek'...

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer Skies

I love messing around with filters and photos. Such beautiful colors. I just recently starting photographing amazing cloud formations in the early evening right from my back porch. My Sony Experia Ion does a great job (lovely 12 megapixel camera,combined with the 'Aviary' app).

Sunday, July 21, 2013

'Geek Girls Of Etsy' Spotlight on FDart Studio!

It's been a hot one here this week on the east coast,we saw temps in the mid 90's all week with heat indexes in the 100's. It was a great week to be on vacation,though. The kiddo and I hit the beach, festivals,took in a few movies ('Despicable Me 2': very cute. Loved the minions.' Pacific Rim': everything a giant monster movie should be.Loved it!)
All good things must end, though and it's back to the daily grind tomorrow--hopefully with lower temperatures. What makes it bearable is the next vacation is only 28 days away :)

On to our 'Geek Girls Of Etsy' Spotlight of the day. Today we shine the light on an awesome father/daughter team,Floro Dery and Flor Dery who have combined into one awesome,artistic Etsy shop!

Here is their shop bio:

Floro Dery is an artist who has worked in animation for over 20 years. His work includes original concept designer for The Transformers: The Movie, illustrator for the syndicated Sunday Spider-Man with Stan Lee, and storyboard artist for the Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

    Flor Dery is the daughter of Floro Dery. She is a major fan of anime and prefers to draw in anime style. Her art and crafts are a side hobby from her full time profession. Her work includes fan art, pins, magnets, handwoven bracelets, nail art, and keychains.
    It is apparent that artistic talent runs deep in this family. Here are just a few of the awesome items in their shop.
    This hand-painted pendant is double-sided. Here is the reverse side:
    So many great beaded bracelets, but this is my favorite :)
    There are so many great items in this shop--be sure to go check them out!

    Friday, July 19, 2013

    Scenes from the week...

    It's been a brutal heat wave here in New England this week. I have found myself checking the weather app on my phone repeatedly for any signs of rain. Nope. Nada.
    Anyways,it was a good week to be on vacation. Here are some pics of the highlights of our week.
    Stay cool everyone!

    Sunday, July 14, 2013

    Vacation,and a 'Geek Girls Of Etsy' Spotlight on SquirrelPhoto!

    We work all year to get to this point that we love. This is my 'stay at home' vacation. Kiddo is in a summer program he loves for a month,so day trips instead. My days this week are filled with relaxation,iced coffee (of course!),jewelry making,supply shopping,organizing and cleaning (which I actually do enjoy when I don't HAVE to do them). I will be hitting the annual festival at the park up the street later today. My bead vendor pal from Florida is there with her usual AWESOME selection and I am itching to do a little shopping!
    We tried to go yesterday,but were drenched by downpours that came out of nowhere. According to doppler radar,it wasn't even raining in our area.Yet this was the view from where we took shelter...welcome to summer in New England...

    I hope to get lots of better pictures of the festival today,if the kiddo ever gets up!

    On to our 'Etsy Geek Girls Spotlight'! Today it falls on the awesome photography of SquirrelPhoto!
    Here is a bit about the shop:

    Kitschy urban retro geek-chic fine art photography. Prints and Greeting Cards. Please message me for any special requests -- I'm happy to accommodate!

    And a little about El  herself from her Etsy bio:

    I've been doing fine art photography for over 20 years with a range of film and digital cameras and darkroom development. I"m a critical care registered nurse (and part-time tutor for Microbiology and Anatomy) and have a passion for science, books, old top hats, squirrels, the atomic 50's, and capturing the creatively quirky pulse of life in New York City.

    El's visions are freaky,gorgeous and amazing. See for yourself (all photos copyright of the artist)

    El states she takes custom orders as well. Be sure to check out El's amazing works here:

    Have a great weekend!