Monday, August 5, 2013

Boston Comic Con --These Are Good Times To Be A Geek...

Boston Comic Con 2013 finally took place this weekend,after the marathon bombing in Boston resulted in a postponement of four months while a new date was decided on and a new venue was secured. The Con moved from the Hynes Convention Center to the the lovely seaside Seaport World Trade Center,drawing in an estimated 15,000 people. Judging from the lines we observed wrapping around the center when we arrived, I'd believe those numbers and would guess there was possibly even more than that. The Con has coming a long ways from it's initial launch in 2007, with only 900 or so attendees.

What has changed since those early con years? The media is focused on comics these days. Epic shows like 'The Walking Dead' are based on comics. Your hot movies of the summer? Last year's blockbuster was 'The Avengers',a movie comic buffs have been waiting on for years.(I know I had been waiting for an 'Avengers' feature since I was a kiddo of nine--that is a few years ago,lol). And show like 'The Big Bang Theory' show hey, it's o.k. to be a geek!

So on Saturday myself and my two fellow bff geek moms packed our three boys in to the mini-van and off we went. Yes, you read that right. It was the moms leading this outing. We were possibly more excited about it than the boys. Terry Moore of 'Strangers In Paradise' was going to be there! And George Perez! It was George Perez's work that began my lifelong obsession with comics. I was 9. I read my younger brother's copy of 'Avengers' 160. That art! And there were girl  superheroes! Who was this 'Scarlet Witch'?? She was so cool. And that little panel where the Beast is reminiscing about another team and another time, and there is a small 'X-Men' picture...well, that began a whole new obsession.

I didn't get to actually meet George Perez,unfortunately, due to time constraints and a really long line at the time, but I did get to see him doing awesome sketches for folks in the line.The one I saw was a'Wolverine' head shot (hey, doesn't he have a movie out now???), I believe. That made it all the worthwhile.

I did get to meet one of my favorite writers,Steve Niles. Now there is a writer who can write stories that quiet frankly make me sleep with the lights on. I felt like a complete blithering fangirl, and apologized profusely but he was so cool. That was okay, because this was what this whole weekend was all about, he said. You know what? He is right. One of the things I like best about Boston Comic Con is it is about the fans.

Steve's table mate was none other than Terry Moore. We had the pleasure of meeting Terry at a previous Boston Comic Con, and he is always easy to talk to and VERY funny. 'Rachel Rising' is one of my favorite books right now,and if you aren't reading it, well,why not???? It was recently optioned for television and I wouldn't be suprised if it became the next hit like 'The Walking Dead'. It is scary, creepy and gorgeous all at the same time. Try it. You won't be disappointed.
You can tell how excited Deb is my the 'Italian Handwaving' in the picture with him.

Another artist/writer we were thrilled to see again was Colleen Doran of  'A Distant Soil' fame.
Deb and I had previously met her in our  'wild and kid-free days' back in the late 90's when we traveled to the 'Small Press Expo' in Maryland (yes, you read that right,too. Two geek-girl-comic- fan adventurers travelling to far way Cons. Oh, the days of our wild and crazy youth!) Colleen was as lovely and sweet as ever, telling us about the new gorgeous remastered version of 'A Distant Soil', and that it is ending at issue 50! Another 'must try' book, people~you won't be disappointed.

I could go on and on, there was SO much there to talk about and experience.  Amazing cosplayers doing their thing,artists creating, fans well, having fun. Instead, I will leave you some with pictures from the day--as I begin looking foward to next year's Boston Comic Con.

These are good times to be a 'geek'...
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