Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Everything is a learning experience,right?

Soooooooo...still working out the 'bugs' with the pendants. I coated the last batch with new glaze that dries pretty hard~'Glossy Accents'(I haven't had any luck finding Diamond Glaze in a store around here) A few dried awesome~nice and hard and glass-like(although I did get a couple of bubbles,but not much)
But a bunch of them cracked~really visible and filling them in again did not fix it.I figure it was a combination of things,but mostly I put too much on at once and maybe how I was popping the bubbles? The cracks did seem to be in those areas.
Anyways,here are picks of the ones that came out pretty good. Sorry,not showing you the crappy ones;p
(oh, and the one on the end is a double-sided'Witchblade' pendant featuring Sarah and Danielle)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Still playing around with the upcycling...

New batch of pendants~for those who wanted to see.
Not finished yet~some trimming,bails to add,maybe seal them again and try to even out the topcoat. I am having a blast putting these together. Still not perfect(poor Supergirl has some sort of blotchy...thing.. going on...I think it was the ink. Still looks cool,though.)They may never reach my store as I now want to keep everything I am making~lol!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Something entirely new....

It's no secret...I love comics.
Yes, I do.
Ever since I was a wee child of about....well, probably since birth;p
I always figured I'd outgrow them someday,but it has yet to happen, and that's just fine by me.
Anyways, I read a lot, and I adore checking out the upcoming comics in catalogs like 'Previews' and 'Wizard',but I don't have the space to store all these extras and I feel so sad when I have to send them to the recycling pile that is picked up on Mondays.
Then I got an idea. I had a bunch of vintage dominoes here, and I'd always wanted to try making one of those cool pendants I see everywhere.And I had that pile of old comics catalogs....
So, an upcycling was born:)
It's not perfect...I wish the top was just a tad smoother~but I think it came out pretty cool.
More coming soon....