Friday, January 9, 2009

Something entirely new....

It's no secret...I love comics.
Yes, I do.
Ever since I was a wee child of about....well, probably since birth;p
I always figured I'd outgrow them someday,but it has yet to happen, and that's just fine by me.
Anyways, I read a lot, and I adore checking out the upcoming comics in catalogs like 'Previews' and 'Wizard',but I don't have the space to store all these extras and I feel so sad when I have to send them to the recycling pile that is picked up on Mondays.
Then I got an idea. I had a bunch of vintage dominoes here, and I'd always wanted to try making one of those cool pendants I see everywhere.And I had that pile of old comics catalogs....
So, an upcycling was born:)
It's not perfect...I wish the top was just a tad smoother~but I think it came out pretty cool.
More coming soon....
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