Sunday, March 31, 2013

'Geek Girls of Etsy' Spotlight on: Geek-R-ee

She had my attention at Daleks...

Today's spotlight is shining on Geek-R-ee.
Hailing from Australia,Jodie has hard at work on a variety of different 'geek' themed items that should appeal to many. Here is her shop bio:

 Hmmm, I am from the Central COast of NSW and have recently made a sea change to Country NSW and I have found myself with time to spare like the wind.... I have three boys, who all love Star Wars, The Avengers, and Harry Potter ( which if you look at my store you will probably guess)

She had my attention at Daleks...

great idea for recycling all those loose Lego and Duplo blocks!

love this sock monkey bag

She-Ra hair clips!

Jodie's shop features a variety of different items, all featuring great characters and themes,so you our bound to find something in there that will appeal to your taste!
Jodie can be found in these places online:
and her FB fan page:

be sure to check her pages out!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

'Geek Girls of Etsy' Spotlight on: EdenKa

Back again, with a new spotlight featurette.
Today we shine the spotlight on EdenKa!
Hailing from Quebec City,QC~EdenKa specializes in handmade polymer geek inspired jewelry and charms.
Here is her shop intro:

Welcome to my shop I'm happy to have you here!^-^

My shop is mostly about polymer clay creation. Every creation are original and handmade whiteout any molds. They all are glazed for a little shine and durability.

I'm here do be sure you are please with my work and my customer service. I will try to make you any special order you could think and make every purchase really unique and personal. I really love to do special order to match with the customer and add some personalized detail to every creations.

I answer questions really quickly and I am willing to listen to proposition and ideas.

Harry Potter fans will love her Potter- inspired charm bracelets :)

Need a little custom 'bling' for your phone? She's got that covered!

a 'Wreck-It Ralph'- inspired sugar rush charm bracelet looks good enough to eat!

These fake 'plug' earring are so cool!! They come in 'falling' version as well!

here are the places you can find EdenKa:

be sure to check her work out!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Experimenting with a mobile blogging app... this is a picture of Pepper. She is our rescue dog we adopted this past December.

She loves her Kong toy.

Location :

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

'Geek Girls Of Etsy' Spotight on GameGuardians

Sorry for the long break in between spotlights and blog posts. As they say, "life happened" and the last few months have been busy with off line life.

I am jumping around on my main spotlight sign-up list~just to keep things interesting. This way it will be a surprise each week to see what shop is being featured.

Up today is GameGuardians!
here is their shop intro:

"Pet dragons,wolves,gargoyles,chthulu,unicorns to guard your game. Don't have dice,cards, miniatures or chips? They are happy to guard whatever you treasure! Also work as unique gift baskets."

I have to admit, my son really was excited for me to feature this shop~the dice bag creatures are awesome,and so well priced
Here is a little bit of Laura's intro:

"I have been crafting for as long as I can remember. I dabble in everything from painting to miniatures, polymer clay,mosaics. I somehow always return to soft sculpture. designing my own unique patterns is a passion. In the words of Peppermint Patty from the Peanuts "I have to build this snowman. If I don't do it, no one else will, and he won't exist. I am his creator, and it is my duty to give him life! This snowman has a right to live! " That's how I feel about each of my creations."

Love these little 'Game Of Thrones' inspired dragons!

My son is a HUGE fan of Asian flying dragons

This handsome wolf bag reminds me a bit of the 'Game Of Thrones' dire wolves

Lovely unicorn...

and for the Lovecraft crowd, the cutest Chthulu I have ever seen

You can find more of Laura's work here in her Etsy shop:

Be sure to check it out!