Sunday, September 29, 2013

100th Post and a Spotlight on Kayla Conspiracy

In truth,I should have hit my 100th post a looooooong time ago,but hey, we finally made it!

 The last few weeks have been busy with the start of the new school year between my own classroom (I teach preschool)and my son beginning middle school and starting at a new school. Our second floor tenant moved out, leaving an apartment that needed a whole renovation before it could be rentable again.I will spare you those horror show pics.

Then,because it wasn't chaotic enough,I had shingles flare up on my face. I had always heard you could only get shingles once (my 1st episode was in July and on my side), but apparently that is NOT TRUE.I have been documenting the whole episode on my phone (the doctor loved this idea,so she could see the progression). It's been two weeks since the initial rash and it is finally starting to scab and clear,but the itch and burning discomfort remain. Maybe I will do a whole post on it someday,complete with my "Walking Dead' extra face shots,lol.

So, with a bit of sick time on my hands I have been working on few things I have been wanting to learn, such as digital drawing. Way back when I was in college, digital drawing was in it's beginning stages.Heck, the whole internet was in it's beginning stages! So, needless to say, I am a bit behind on things. I don't have the time or resources to take classes right now,but I am still a determined student. I finally found styluses I feel comfortable drawing on my Ipad with. My tools of choice are a Bamboo stylus, Nomadbrush Flex,and my favorite,the Jot Pro. I find the Jot mimics the feel of real drawing tool in my hand the best,and I love the fine point. All three work great,though.
here are some links for you interested in looking into them
Nomad Brush Flex
 The Jot Pro
Wacom Bamboo Stylus
here is a pic I did of my kiddo of when he was a baby,using the Jot Pro and the Pen and Ink app on Ipad

Not too bad for a beginner. I love a new hobby.

Next up, let's get to our spotlight feature! Today we are turning the spotlight on The Kayla Conspiracy
Kayla makes some pretty awesome geek inspired chic fashions. Here's a bit about Kayla from her bio:

Kayla Conspiracy Clothing & Accessories is a mother/daughter operation specializing in geeky and novelty fashion and jewelry.

From Avengers dresses to Harry Potter jewelry, we've got something for you!
We also are happy to do custom orders so if you need something in a different size, don't hesitate to ask!

I am loving this Shield Inspired Skirt

Pretty superhero inspired combs with bows

and I LOVE these superhero styled overskirts

Kayla Conspiracy can be found on their Etsy shop Tumblr and Facebook
Be sure to check them out!!!
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