Sunday, April 15, 2012

Etsy Geek Girls Shop Awesomeness Featurette 4/14

I knew from the minute I saw the name of this week's featured shop I was in for some fun,and I was right. 
Amanda's shop, The Snarky Little Stitcher, features "quirky,snarky and geeky cross stitch & plastic canvas creations." 
Here's a bit of Amanda's bio:
I am a stay-at-home mom with 3 very active boys. I am also a voracious and unabashed geek, especially old-school stuff. 

I tend to work on all manner of crafts: quilting, sewing, afghans, felt, beading, needlepoint & cross stitch and plastic canvas. I always need to be doing something with my hands. When I'm home and I do manage to put my needle down I am usually reading or doing crossword & jigsaw puzzles.
Amanda's shop is full of geeky(and snarky) goodness. Here are a few favorites:

My son loves these Pokemon magnets (she has Johto gym badge magnets in her shop,too!)

For the Star Wars geek

one of these would look great on any desk

zombies <3

Be sure to check Amanda's shop out for more wonderful and geeky items here:
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