Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Experiments with resin...

I have always liked the look of resin jewelry and wanted to give it a try,but I was put off by the toxic fumes it gives off. Then, last winter I discovered uv resin. No smell,and only minutes curing time under a 14 watt uv nail lamp ( just like the ones in the nail salons. Purchased off of Ebay)

I played around with different uses for the resin--sealing the backs of pendants where I once would have used Diamond Glaze, creating resin ring and pendant domes. These all worked well, but I was still wondering whether I could make a full pendant out of uv resin using a resin mold. This afternoon  I came across a stash of kawaii stickers someone had sent me,and decided to give it a a try.

This T-Rex came out pretty cool,but alas his mammoth counterpart did not fare so well. apparently there IS such a thing as too much glitter...

The last batch came out better. I discovered the resin works best curing in layers, and to add the color as the last step.

The uv resin is a bit pricey to do this on a regular basis ($10.99 for a 2 ounce bottle) but if you are only looking to whip up a couple of pendants, it is both easy and fun.

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