Sunday, November 11, 2012

Breathing new life into my poor neglected blog :-)

Since the onset of Facebook,like many others,I have tended to pour all my time and resources into it. I created a fan page for my shop. I joined in on the 'Link Love' movement and fanned lots of fellow Etsians pages,along with Artfire pages and any other creative type trying to get the word out there. It was fun,I was able to find so many sites I might never have experienced otherwise. Then FB caught on.

Since the onset of the 'new FB page rules' -- otherwise known as 'hey,we can make a buck off of this so now you have to pay if you want your posts seen' my fan count is stagnant,and posts are rarely seen. It's more than just a little depressing. Where once a post might get seen by several hundred people ,now it might be seen by only a couple,if I am LUCKY.

This morning I decided to check in here,and was studying my Google stats. Despite the facts I haven't posted here since September,this blog still gets hits EVERY DAY. Granted,not a ton--yet. I aim to change that. I am my own boss over here,and it's time to utilize that,I think. Time for more guest shop features,more previewing my own work,more giveaways. Spread the word,and be sure to join me here often!

Onwards and upwards!

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