Sunday, July 1, 2012

'Geek Girls Of Etsy' Spotlight On: LegendaryCrochet

Today's spotlight is on the super fun shop,LegendaryCrochet!
A few words from Francie's bio:

Legendary Crochet is a shop for unique people who love items you cant find anywhere else.We love to create items for kids and the kid at heart.
The crochet items in our shop are my original patterns.

Lots of gamer fun in this shop--check out all the wonderful Mario items.
And how adorable are these!
Mario kart banana peels Ornament made to order

What car wouldn't look cool with a set of these on your rear view mirror
Mario Bob-omb Car mirror decoration with lavender buds

To help boo-boos feel better!
Mario Boo Boo ice Pack

I am not a lawn gnome person...but I would totally put one of these on my lawn!
Mario Wood Fly guy whirligig

You can find more of Francie's amazing work here in her Etsy shop:
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