Monday, August 11, 2014

Boston Comic Con 2014

Sorry to have been away for so long!!! Can't believe last Oct. was my last post. Life gets in the way sometimes.
This past weekend was one of my favorite geek related getaways...Boston Comic Con! Travelled with the boy and some friends to take in the sights. Despite having to wait over 2 hours in line to get in (can't get over how HUGE this show has become ) we had an amazing day. One if the most refreshing things is how female and family friendly these shows are becoming. So many families cosplaying together. It was great. I wish I had gotten a picture or video of the adorable dad dressed as Spiderman (sans mask, and I swear this guy could have been Andrew Garfield's twin!) walking with his little Spiderbaby (probably not even a year old yet) on his shoulders. I swear I heard about 400 girls "Awwww!!!!" at the same time!
I will share some of the pics I did get...enjoy!

Batman and Robin--loved that this little guy cosplayed as Damian

Another adorable Spider Family

I had to get a pic of these two as Phoenix and of my favorite comic couples

Skyrim Cosplayers photo bombed by Where's Waldo

That Waldo is such a trouble maker!

These Valkyries were awesome!!!

This guy's costume was unbelievable up close. Movie quality stuff

A classic Peter Quill/Starlord costume. The fellow was dancing spectacularly to the song 'Walk This Way'--the RunDMC version as Darryl DMC McDaniels and crew were exhibitors at the show and walked through the crowd with the boombox blaring this favorite.

So. Much. Star Wars!
Halo cosplay. My son stalked these guys. I can see his Cosplay gears turning for next year's show.

So,so many cool toys. Where were these when I was a kid?!

The coolest apparel ever.

This show was just packed.

The con floor stayed packed almost until close. 

More of the con floor
My kiddo decided he needed to get in on some cosplay action,too. He is already thinking ahead for his costume for next year's show.
Until next year,Boston Comic Con!!!

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