Friday, July 22, 2011

I wish I were at the beach...

It reached 101° here today; it was even too hot to actually leave the house to go to the beach.
(Still no swimming for me,per doctor's orders,while my incisions heal--phooey!)
It was a good day to stay in and work on some pieces,like this starfish necklace for a friend. We had travelled to a festival that had thid awesome bead vendor. My friend had picked out the pewter starfish and blue dyed agates with hopes the vendor would put them on a cord for her. The vendor only works with certain beads at her table so she declined,and asked my friend if she knew anyone who could do it for her. So,guess who got volunteered...
I realized once I tried threading them why the bead vendor had declined. Super tiny holes. Thank goodness for my Dremel;-)
I kept it simple,knotting the starfish and beads on periwinkle blue hemp cord. Having most of the strand of agate left over,I tried my hand at a matching wrap bracelet using sand and periwinkle colored hemp. Here are the results :-)

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