Sunday, May 15, 2016

Distressed Resin Bangles

Currently experimenting with resin mold making and casting. I recently found a really cool geometric wooden bangle at our local Saver's thrift store. Sadly, there was only one,and I really wanted to try multiple styles of decorating this bangle. I turned to my current favorite resin, Amazing Casting Resin. It's low odor, dries quickly and is nicely paintable with a bit of sanding. Is used it to make a lot of different bezel settings at Christmas time and they are quite durable. A little gilder's paste on them and they took just like metal with a really nice patina. The picture below is the mold made from Amazing Rubber Mold ( same company,awesome results, and a kind of pleasant smell,too). The piece I am holding is the cast resin piece. Releases from the mold with no need of mold release. Since the original bangle is wood,the mold picked up the wood grain and it gave the finished piece a nice texture that the paint could adhere to without sanding/texturing. The old sanding needed was a little of the edges at the top of the mold wear it was poured.


The second picture is a few more styles. Yes, it is a bit addictive making your own bases.


                                              After all the sanding, I chose a chalk turquoise paint for the base coat. It adhered beautifully. 2nd coat added.

When the bangle was totally dried, I went to town with the metallic finish. I picked gold, to give the bracelet a faux patina appearance. Decorating Metralic Lustre works great, adheres quickly and can be buffed to a nice shine with a cloth. Next, sealer added for protection and, voila!

 Trying the base next with decoupaged comic images,so look for an update soon!

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